What is the matcher and how can it help you in your job searching?

Apply to all the job offers you see with the same CV, does not work, your CV must fit each offer. The matcher is the tool that helps you achieve it.

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Every time you apply for a job, you feel nervous and anxious about whether you will be contacted for an interview or not.

You read and reread the offer, review your resume again and again, you are sure that everything is clear and that THIS position is perfect for you. You apply and, when the days go by without receiving any news, you wonder what happened?

Assuming that your resume was in a suitable format for the ATS (if you don't know what it is, here we tell you) and that your profile was read correctly, it's evident that the problem wasn't the resume itself, but the words you chose to express your knowledge and experience.

Wouldn't it be great to have a way to know how likely is that you will be contacted BEFORE you submit your resume?

At ATS hacker we have it!

In our platform, we have developed a useful and practical tool that will help you to be positively qualified by the ATS selection algorithm when you apply for a vacancy: the matcher.

The matcher is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that analyzes one of your saved resumes (in our system you can save multiple versions of your resume), and a specific job offer (which you have to paste). It compares them and tells you how much they match (hence its name). It shows you a list of recommendations that helps your resume to fit, as closely as possible, the job offer.

You should NEVER lie in your resume, absolutely everything you write must be true and, even more, it should be supported by the respective documents. But, many times we forget to name some terms that are explicitly mentioned in the offer, and in our resume they don't appear because we think that it is implicitly clear.

What is here the role of the matcher and how can it help you in your job searching?

The ATS selection algorithm doesn't know what is implicit, so the matcher tells you exactly what you need to highlight more, or what are the points of the offer that you are not covering. It gives you a score that functions as an indicator. As you make the recommended changes and compare again, you'll see the score improves. This way, you'll have a better idea of ​​how high, or low, are the odds of you being invited to an interview.

Apply to all job offers with the same resume doesn't work. Your resume must be customized for each job offer. It is the only way for you to pass the first filter (the ATS), so someone SEES your resume and, finally, contacts you for an interview.

To start using our matcher, you just have to subscribe to our Pro plan, which also has a wizard that helps you quickly and easily write the achievements of your work experience. Another very important point when it comes to making stand out your profile in the ATS.

Start enjoying it today, sign up here!

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