Hard skills PLUS soft skills

Learn how to list your skills on the resume, so you stand out in the ATS selection algorithm, and increase your chances of having an interview.

hard skills and soft skills combined

When you build your resume, you need to include a list of the skills you master. Usually, we focus on the hard skills, those technical skills that are specific to our area of ​​competence and have been acquired through training or experience. For example, the use of a specific software such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Hard skills are the first thing recruiters look at when reviewing your resume because they need to make sure you meet the technical requirements for the position.

On the other side, soft skills are those that reflect your ability to relate and communicate effectively with other people. They are also known as interpersonal skills. Among them, we can mention Negotiation, Leadership, Assertiveness, Active listening, and Flexibility.

These skills allow you to demonstrate your ability to adapt to the environment where you work.

Now, which ones do you need to mention in your resume?

Both, hard skills plus soft skills should be listed, but in order of relevance.

In the ATS selection algorithm, hard skills have a lot of weight, since they are the ones that demonstrate your technical competence to take office. But, the soft skills are the ones that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants since they describe you as a person, and many recruiters also assign an important weight to them in the ATS because, in addition to the technical aspect, they need to make sure that the candidates are a good fit for the organizational culture.

So, when listing the skills on your resume, you should always list them in order of importance, starting with the hard ones and closing with the soft ones.

At ATS hacker, you can save ALL of your skills in your profile and, when building your resume, select them in order of relevance to the position you will be applying for. If you are also a Pro Plan user, you can compare your resume with a job offer (using the matcher) and see if they are properly listed, according to the weight that our algorithm calculates in the offer.

Also, try to mention your skills in your achievements. Show how those skills helped you to perform your previous jobs. This will also make you stand out among the applicants, which will increase the probability that the selection algorithm will rate you positively and present your profile to the recruiter, getting you closer to your dream job.

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