Mention the studies you dropped out?

Why mention something incomplete? Find out when it is necessary to mention in your resume your dropped-out studies and when it is better to leave them out.

Worried student about to drop studies

Nobody wants to mention their failures to their future employers, but sometimes it is necessary to do it.

When we write our resume, the Education section is really important. Our formal preparation in the area is reflected there, but, most of the time, we tend to only mention the studies that we have finished. And that's fine, except that in some cases, it becomes necessary to mention the ongoing studies and even the ones that we dropped out.

So, here the question is when to mention the studies you dropped out?

When the knowledge and skills you developed while studying, are required for the position you are applying for. That's it! Now, let's deep in.

If your finished studies and your work experience don't cover a specific area of ​​the job offer, but in some studies that you didn't complete you managed to develop those skills and knowledge, you MUST add it.

In ATS hacker you can add all the study details and, in the status value, select "Dropped" (it won't have the finish year). Just be sure to write in the description the details of the projects and subjects you approved while studying, that are related to the job position for which you will apply. In this way, you will be offering support for your knowledge.

However, if the studies you dropped out have nothing to do with the position, it's better not to mention it. Even if you have diplomas or certificates in areas that have nothing to do with the job, nor they involve skills or qualifications required for the position, don't mention it. Leave them out.

In our system, when resumes are built, you choose the studies you want to add, only you decide what will go on your resume. And, since you can save multiple versions of your resume, you won't have to worry about keeping everything in order, we'll do it for you.

Finally, it is essential you know that there is nothing wrong with choosing the wrong career or changing your mind or vocation in the middle of your studies. You are who you are thanks to the experiences you have lived, and the dropped-out studies are part of your history. And all this can bring you closer to that interview you're aiming for. We are here to help you achieve it.

If you haven't done it, register on our platform and start building a resume that will get you closer to your dream job.

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